Federazione Universitaria Cattolici Italiana

Catholic University Graduates’Movement of Italy (FUCI)
   Organized in 1896 as a part of Azione Cattolica/Catholic Action (ACI), FUCI provided a useful link between the nascent Christian democracy movement and university students. This necessarily drew them close, in political inspiration, to Luigi Sturzo and Romolo Murri. The autonomy of the fucini, most of whom were liberal Catholics, brought them into conflict with the more staid ACI, which was virtually an instrument of the Vatican. The close association with the Partito Popolare Italiano/Italian People’s Party (PPI) brought FUCI under close scrutiny by the Fascist authorities after 1922 and led to its eventual dissolution in 1931. After reorganization (between 1935 and 1939) under the leadership of Giovanni Battista Montini (later Pope Paul VI) and such prominent laymen as Aldo Moro and Giulio Andreotti, FUCI became once again an assembly of liberal Catholics and a training ground for many of the political leaders of postwar Italy. A special section of FUCI was organized in 1934, the university degree-holders’ federation—FUCI laureati (the laurea is the Italian university degree). They published a weekly magazine called Azione Fucinaand, beginning in 1935, an intellectual review called Studium. To many in the regime, it was clear that fucini were engaged in little less than the preparation of a new elite to incorporate Catholic social doctrine into a new political order at the propitious moment, despite their outward conformity to regime requirements.

Historical Dictionary of Modern Italy. . 2007.

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